Monday, September 19, 2011

Colorado National Monument

We had a great time at the conference. Friday night, five of us we went for Mexican food, made it to the Orchard Mesa Chapel and registered for the next morning. We played a couple of games, had root beer floats and met others from the Grand Junction Stakes then went back home in the rain.

Saturday morning four of us returned. I won't speak for any of the others but I really enjoyed the weekend.

The weather held out pretty good for my purposes. I need to load one more picture first then I'll let everyone guess what it is. Is this still a National Monument or a Park like the Black Canyon of the Gunnison?

So Who Knows What this is?

Late summer in western Colorado is awesome. There's snow on the San Juans already and I need to find wheels and a new back to go elf hunting... No No No, I quit hunting elf's two Christmases ago. Besides, they don't taste any better than the cat.

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Marti said...

These pictures are breath taking. It makes me miss Colorado. Glad you gave up elf hunting:)