Friday, March 2, 2018


In a month the vernal equinox will have passed and we have the first Sunday of April, which is the 1st of April. So, I have nothing better to do than add up what I've been doing since my last blog, last year.
Most of my fun so far came when I was driving back and forth to Red Mesa, Arizona on the Rez. The white knight has been on the road more this year than anything I've driven for ten years. The transmission is holding out well but, I need to figure out the racket in the front end. Now that it's warming some, I'll be able to move some things around in the driveway and work on it.
This year, I finished Jesus the Christ and started on The Book of Mormon again. We have new curriculum this year in Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society. We have not been to the temple yet this year.
Thomas and Jeanel are still spending time at home in the camper. They're not here today but may be coming back tomorrow or Sunday. Michelle just sent a video of Miss Navajo from 2000-2001. Mike and Stephanie have a one year old and Kevin and Alex have two cute kids of their own.
Lula has kept herself preoccupied with upcoming events out of her control. It's not fun watching. It's nice to have my own time killers for trips to Wally World, that still take three to four hours. The Samsung S5 isn't working well, though. It needs a battery which can be purchased online for less than ten bucks but, costs up to forty-five bucks in Montrose or Grand Junction. I really need it fixed.
We haven't had much snow down here this year. But, it's just now the 2nd of March and we have until the middle of May before I'll be concerned. The house plants are well.
Then there is a big deal I call government. It is screwed-up big time. About the only solution I see involves fire, earthquakes and nerve gas. Could be a visit to The Black Canyon is in my future.
There is so much to report on the things that are wrong, it would be easier to say very little is right. That will suffice.
Now for the pictures.

Lil' Red



Thank goodness there was a floor under it.

Much Better!

Last days of February -- a Tuesday trip to the Rez
It was a good day for a ride.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Great Year for Everything


Fresh from Carbondale

My mother a little sister at Becky Jo's office
It's Alive, Again! While I was there, I figured a new boat motor was good idea. Then, Mark and company brought over to run it in Ridgway Reservoir. It runs great! But, I baptized my phone and had to get another one. We just went down there Saturday afternoon to see if it made it to the dock or shore. Guess it'll be frozen in a few more weeks.

The white knight made to Denver and back without any problems even with the transmission problem. But, that is solved know. It didn't want to take off in second or third and the overdrive didn't work properly.  This is at the shop in Arvada where the boat motor landed into the boat. Go figure

At one point I had three vehicles running again

Briar and Thomas are bosom buddy's

Made a couple of trips to Monticello with another planned for in the morning

We have a true celebrity in the family



Uncompahgre Ward Dutch Oven Party

Bentley James Brink turned 1

Kinley and Bentley

 The white knight got a transmission that works

Colorful Colorado and the Delta Meetinghouse

Freida Purper's Jeep got a good transmission, too.

The new Ft. Collins Temple is beautiful. I got to go through an endowment session with my mother

So, I survived another 11 months so far. Chances are pretty good I'll make it through a few more.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I have withdrawal symptoms when I don't get to see any of the grand-kids. Michelle just stopped over to pick up Jeanel and Thomas. Micah is driving now.  Ruby Red (Briar) is growing up too fast! The summer is coming along as is anyway.

The trip to Denver was really uneventful back and forth. My first stop was at Peak Elevator. The boat was in there when I arrived. The four cylinder Chevy was in place, too.

We ran it back to the hacienda Saturday and spent the week lookinng at it until I couldn't stay out of it by Saturday. We got a little cooler weather for a few days but got the motor fired up on Saturday. It sounds good and ready.
Henry and Mark did a good job of getting it cleaned and prepped for the lake. I'm waiting to hear from Mark shortly to see when he wants to get it onto the lake. Blue Mesa is looking good right now.
I went with my mother to the Ft. Collins Temple the 28th of June. Then I got to visit Jerry at Carol's and his new home in western Greeley. It was a wonderful drive and it was lovely to be with my mother at the new temple.
Cheryl and I got to talking about the Scotchman on Federal in Denver. That's where we'd hang out when school was out. Cheryl's mother was born in the house that was there before 1952.

There are more pictures (plenty more), but I'm too lazy right now to take the time to load them. I've been playing musical cars and trucks this past week. Right now the 61 is backed into the drive for brakes. Thomas helped put the correct shoes on the rear last night. Monday we can do the front shoes. I put the smaller, wrong shoes onto the back last May. Now the 3 inch shoes are on the rear and the fronts shoes, which are half an inch narrower will work well. None of the shoes were worth anything when I started so, it now has good ones on the rear.

I had the 89 Ford running Thursday evening. Then I went to move it back onto the street and it barely made it to its new home, now, behind the white knight. The little green Mercury is ready for the bone yard. The Bollingers got the front and alley side of the apartment painted. It looks really good now.

Friday, March 3, 2017


2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
4.7 HO

With everything else going on today I thought it proper to take a few moments to show off my aches and pains. This is the first one of these I've done.
It's a 45FRE 4-Speed automatic

Real Filter and Valve Body Assembly

Coming Out

It's quite the job to get it out. So I had Freida help put it back in place. Makee came over yesterday to help, too. It's still not back in yet but we'll get back to it Monday. Don Christensen was nice enough to let us use his shop. Lot's of work but it will be nice when she gets it back running.
My neck and back and shoulder and hands (hands especially) are really sore today. Tomorrow we're going to the Monticello Temple. I'll get pictures for when we get back. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Whatever your problems, there is always somebody who has it twice as good as you and that should get you motivated enough to move. But I really do not feel up to anything at the moment. And it's okay. I was lucky to get my meds lined out for the coming week.

I ordered a new Samsung S-7 Tab but Amazon wouldn't accept my credit. Before I found that out, I ordered a Dell 15.6 laptop with a touch screen. I am writing with it now. There are more things this can do than I have time left in my life to learn. I still want a tablet though.

So the Christmas Thanksgiving Cactus is growing big blossoms. There are more than 50 buds on it and more are still coming out. Two have bloomed but there are going to be many this next week.

See for yourself

Two Days Later
Now there's pretty a sight. Actually I'm not into this today for the pictures. I had a really awesome experience the other day while reading a Conference Talk from Elder Faust when he was Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is really a big deal for me so I'll compose myself again and start from the Beginning.


Elder Faust 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wrote of a good friend and his interest in the Church and Joseph Smith's part in the restoration.

Donald Rehnquist, an Army friend of mine, convinced me it would be a good idea for us to travel to Rome so we could see the Vatican and The Sistine Chapel. He had seen pictures of the baptismal font in the Manti Temple and wondered why the ornamentations of that font were so artful. We did get to see the Sistine Chapel. I was quite impressed. The frescoes and especially the vaulted ceiling are beautiful.

On our trip back on the train Donald admitted that the substance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ had merit whether from seeing and believing or more readily, praying to know the truth. He appreciated the religious fervor of Joseph Smith and the followers of our faith but could not bring himself full circle to acceptance. 

My friend, Don Rundquist, and I were looking at a picture of the baptismal font in the Manti Temple that he thought was a little extravagant. I explained to him the importance of the imagery in all edifices the same as any other religion or practice. So, we planned a trip to Rome in 1971 just after Christmas and went there for a few days. We visited the Sistine Chapel and I was really impressed with the vaulted ceiling painted by Michelangelo’s hands. As Elder Faust commented; “The frescoes, and especially the vaulted ceiling, are beautiful.” I concur.

This is representative of my whole life considering it could have been different but I would not have learned the lessons needed to progress. I think it’s important to stay grounded. It’s okay to have your head in the clouds but your feet need to stay where the work is.

We like to say there are no coincidences in this realm. Everything suggests order even in the chaos. When I experience things in my life like the story above, I'm convinced there's a plan devised way into the future that had no beginning nor has an end.

Don Rundquist and I had a wonderful time travelling to Rome and back from Germany. We were stationed north of Frankfurt about 40 miles on a place they called The Rock. It was the resting place for much of the equipment after WWII. We managed to light off some 1944 gunpowder from one of the newer howitzers (1969 like brand new in 1971). Won’t do that again.

Anyway, I’ve found many pictures recently so this was a small preview of them, So be it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

70 Chevy Update

Had to pick the slowest computer but it's sitting in front of me with a movie on the tube while I listen to my favorite youtube music.
Here's the latest pix of the truck.

 It can't hurt
 that's better
 at least it's clean
 fiber glass is our friend
 the interior goes back in tomorrow
 too many mosquitoes tonight
yes, it's a Chevy