Thursday, February 23, 2012

1939 Girl's Schwinn

 This is my winter project. I have about four hours into tearing it down and scrounging parts. The reason for the picture of a sprocket and chain is simple to me but I wonder how many people know the difference by looking. This is called a "skip tooth" because they were made for smoother pedaling. Two links are close together then there's a tooth roller. The rear hubs have half as many teeth on the sprocket as well. 
 I brought this home from Shon Well's place last fall. I will look for tires but for now I'll use the modern 24" steel wheels until I can clean up the old Schwinn S-5 wheels. I'll send those to powder coat and look for a set of fenders that will fit fat tires. I have the rear but no front and the rear isn't that good. But I've made worse looking fenders than that look like new, too.
I have saved pedals, saddles and hand grips from old Schwinns and I even have an old heart front sprocket but it's not a skip tooth. I'll come up with something. Lastly, I need to make another Schwinn label for the seat post. Pin-striping I can do but I don't do illegitimate trademarks well. I do have an acquaintance that for $50 and a case of beer we could have a 450 SEL Mercedes  for a joyride this weekend.

Check back for progress later.

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