Wednesday, May 9, 2012

61 Update

All Apart

 Needs a lot of help which means a little plastic and aluminum rivets and more abrasives and some sports tape for the finger tips and real estate signs with Henry Carter tagged on them and...
 Before the application of two tons of elbow grease
Finally, a door aligned with the cowl and the fender with the door

The ground will be iron rich when this is completed.

All those dots are welds on the inner fenders.
Did you know that stock car builders used to cut the wheel wells out of this uni-body Fords. If you are wondering why I will tell you. They'd cut and then weld them into the frames so you couldn't crush the body onto the tires by ramming into the sides.

It really was a nice day for this. I get to fix Michelle's Honda tomorrow. The radiator needs replaced. More pictures later.

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